October 1, 2018

Color Mavens advise on digital media creation and tools

Color Mavens advise on digital media creation and tools 

1Independent Visualization Consultant     2X-Rite/Pantone    3Adobe Research       
4Rochester Institute of Technology     5Pixar Animation Studios

SIGGRAPH 2018 Panels

Designing and capturing a color scheme for a digital media composition is an important step in the creation pipeline. Whether it is an immersive experience, animation or visualization, color selection is key to conveying the message or story. In this panel, we assemble a group of color experts, aka "Color Mavens", to convey and define color appearance and colorization methods. Each panelist represents a particular color advice approach whether it includes a recommended set of guidelines for color appearance, suggested color schemes, a tool for color capture, an application for color palette creation or tips from colorization experiences. Each panelist will highlight their methods with a team discussion about optimal colorization approaches to follow. The panel will also identify gaps in our understanding about the use of color in digital media composition as well as identifying future application and research directions.


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