September 13, 2016

Thesis ready!

In this Thesis we focus on providing practical solutions to different problems related with the capture and manipulation of data, and simulation of processes from the real world.

We dedicate one part of this work to explore novel use cases for tablet devices, leveraging the natural user interaction they enable to prototype more engaging image capture and editing tools. We present a novel framework for the simulation of the craftsmanship involved in analog photography techniques and other interesting optical manipulations.

A second part is devoted to image reconstruction algorithms that share the use of perceptual cues to compensate for the missing data. First, we introduce our SMAA anti aliasing filter for real time applications, where a comprehensive morphological analysis is performed to provide smooth but sharp results. Next, a simple procedure is described to capture extended dynamic range images with mobile devices, using computational photography techniques.

The last part deals with the capture of 3D data from the real world. We present a new depth-from-defocus algorithm for obtaining detailed depth maps of scenes. Finally, we describe the first system for stylized capture of hair, producing results suitable for 3D fabrication inspired by the abstraction process performed by sculptors.

[LITE] (53MB) [HI-RES] (225MB)

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