September 4, 2016

Systems and methods for simulating the effects of liquids on a camera lens

Systems and methods for simulating the effects of liquids 
on a camera lens  

Adobe Systems, Inc.

Patent US 9176662 B2 (2015)

Systems and methods for simulating liquid-on-lens effects may provide an interface through which users can add and/or manipulate fluids on a virtual camera lens. A physically based fluid simulation may simulate the behavior of the fluid as it is deposited on and/or manipulated on the virtual lens, and determine the distribution of the fluid across the lens. A ray tracing technique may be employed to determine how light is refracted through the virtual lens and the fluid, and to render a distorted output image as seen through the lens and the fluid. As the fluid is manipulated, corresponding changes in the image may be displayed in real time. The input image may be an existing single image or a direct camera feed (e.g., of a tablet type device). The user may select a fluid type and/or various fluid properties for the image editing operation.


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