September 8, 2016

Intrinsic Light Fields

Intrinsic Light Field Images  

Elena Garces1      Jose I. Echevarria1,3      Wen Zhang      Hongzhi Wu2

 1Universidad de Zaragoza       2Zhejiang University      3Adobe Systems

Computer Graphics Forum

We present a method to automatically decompose a light field into its intrinsic shading and albedo components. Contrary to previous work targeted to 2D single images and videos, a light field is a 4D structure that captures non-integrated incoming radiance over a discrete angular domain. This higher dimensionality of the problem renders previous state-of-the-art algorithms impractical either due to their cost of processing a single 2D slice, or their inability to enforce proper coherence in additional
dimensions. We propose a new decomposition algorithm that jointly optimizes the whole light field data for proper angular coherency. For efficiency, we extend Retinex theory, working on the gradient domain, where new albedo and occlusion terms are introduced. Results show our method provides 4D intrinsic decompositions difficult to achieve with previous state-of-the-art algorithms. We further provide a comprehensive analysis and comparisons with existing intrinsic image/video decomposition methods on light field images.


We thank the reviewers for their insightful comments, Anna Alperovich for their datasets, Nicolas Bonneel and Abhimitra Meka for kindly providing the necessary comparisons, Adrian Jarabo and Belen Masia for fruitful discussions and synthetic scenes. This research has been funded by the European Research Council (ERC Consolidator Grant, project Chameleon, ref. 682080), as well as the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (projects TIN2016-78753-P and TIN2016-79710-P). The authors from Zhejiang University were partially supported by the National Key Research & Development Plan of China (2016YFB1001403), NSFC (No. U1609215) and the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities.

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