September 10, 2016

"Artificial Creativity" Documentary

I recently worked in a short documentary with some colleagues from the Graphics and Imaging Lab, aimed mainly to showcase the general public the state of the art of some subfields of computer graphics. It was recorded entirely in spanish, with subtitles in additional languages available in Youtube.

Human beings, as visual beings, have leveraged different tools through history to communicate visually, often through works with a strong creative and artistic component. In this area, the arrival of computers has meant a revolution, providing new media for their broadcasting and creation. But in contrast to other tools, computers keep getting more powerful and more capable… Will they one day be able to create art autonomously? 

[Nov 2017] We made it into the finals of the Daroca&Prision FilmFest 2017!
[Nov 2016] We are finalists in the Zaragoza Film Festival (FCZ) 2016!


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