August 14, 2011

Convolution-based simulation of homogeneous subsurface scattering [CGF]

Convolution-based simulation of homogeneous subsurface scattering

Universidad de Zaragoza

Computer Graphics Forum (2011)

This paper introduces a new method for simulating homogeneous subsurface light transport in translucent objects. Our approach is based on irradiance convolutions over a multi-layered representation of the volume for light transport, which is general enough to obtain plausible depictions of translucent objects based on the diffusion approximation. We aim at providing an efficient physically-based algorithm that can be applied to arbitrary diffusion profiles. We show how our results match those from the state-of-the-art hierarchical method by Jensen and Buhler [JB02], and how we obtain accurate results for a wide range of materials.


This research has been funded by a Marie Curie grant from the Seventh Framework Programme (grant agreement no.: 251415), the Spanish Ministry of Science and Technology (TIN2010-21543) and the Gobierno de Aragon (projects OTRI 2009/0411 and CTPP05/09). Jose I. Echevarria was additionally funded by a research grant from the Instituto de Investigacion en Ingenieria de Aragon

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