About me

Since November 2016 I'm a Research Scientist at Adobe's Creative Intelligence Lab in San Jose (California). In October 2016, I got my PhD from University of Zaragoza in Spain. There, I was part of the Graphics and Imaging Lab and the I3A, advised by Diego Gutierrez. During my PhD, I did internships at Disney Research Zurich and Adobe Research. I took also some classes from the degree in Illustration at Zaragoza Arts School.

My research interests span different areas in computer graphics, computer vision and computational photography; developing novel creative tools for professional and novice users alike, and turning artistic knowledge and human perception into practical solutions.

Topics I´m currently working on are stylization of humans, simulation of artistic processes, color, photography or mixed reality. If you are a PhD student or undergrad looking for internship opportunities or collaborations related to these, send me a note.

Contact: echevarr at adobe dot com