About me

Since November 2016 I'm a Research Scientist at Adobe's Creative Intelligence Lab in San Jose (California). In October 2016, I got my PhD from University of Zaragoza in Spain. There, I was part of the Graphics and Imaging Lab and the I3A, advised by Diego Gutierrez. During my PhD, I did internships at Disney Research Zurich and Adobe Research. I took also some classes from the degree in Illustration at Zaragoza Arts School.

My research interests span different areas in computer graphics, computer vision and computational photography; developing novel creative tools for professional and novice users alike, and turning artistic knowledge and human perception into practical solutions.

Topics I´m currently working on are interactive color, design intelligence, guided photography or stylization of humans. If you are a PhD student or undergrad looking for internship opportunities or collaborations related to these, send me a note at echevarr at adobe dot com

Former interns:
Rebecca Milman, UC Berkeley
Jose Angel Canabal, King Juan Carlos University
Rinat Abdrashitov, University of Toronto
Kyle Olszewski, UC Southern California
Alannah Oleson, Oregon State University
Jianchao Tan, George Mason University
Daniel Berio, Goldsmiths, University of London
Rezza Shirani, University of Houston
Jane E, Stanford University
Xinru Hua, Stanford University
Marina Melero, University College London
Susmita Padala, Oregon State University