February 12, 2015

Fast depth from defocus from focal stacks [TVCJ]

Fast Depth from Defocus from Focal Stacks 

Stephen W. Bailey1      Jose I. Echevarria2      Bobby Bodenheimer3      Diego Gutierrez2      

1University of California at Berkeley       2Universidad de Zaragoza       3Vanderbilt University

The Visual Computer

We present a new depth from defocus method based on the assumption that a per pixel blur estimate (related with the circle of confusion), while ambiguous for a single image, behaves in a consistent way when applied over a focal stack of two or more images. This allows us to fit a simple analytical description of the circle of confusion to the different per pixel measures to obtain approximate depth values up to a scale. Our results are comparable to previous work while offering a faster and flexible pipeline.


The authors thank T. S. Choi and Paolo Favaro for sharing their data sets. This work has been supported by the European Union through the projects GOLEM (grant agreement no.: 251415) and VERVE (grant agreement no.: 288914), as well as by the Gobierno de Aragon through the TAMA project. This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Nos. 0705863 and 1116988.

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