August 21, 2014

Capturing and Stylizing Hair for 3D Fabrication [SIGGRAPH 2014]

Capturing and Stylizing Hair for 3D Fabrication 

1Disney Research Zurich       2Universidad de Zaragoza


Recently, we have seen a growing trend in the design and fabrication of personalized figurines, created by scanning real people and then physically reproducing miniature statues with 3D printers. This is currently a hot topic both in academia and industry, and the printed figurines are gaining more and more realism, especially with state-of-the-art facial scanning technology improving. However, current systems all contain the same limitation – no previous method is able to suitably capture personalized hair-styles for physical reproduction. Typically, the subject’s hair is approximated very coarsely or replaced completely with a template model.

In this paper we present the first method for stylized hair capture, a technique to reconstruct an individual’s actual hair-style in a manner suitable for physical reproduction. Inspired by centuries-old artistic sculptures, our method generates hair as a closed-manifold surface, yet contains the structural and color elements stylized in a way that captures the defining characteristics of the hair-style. The key to our approach is a novel multi-view stylization algorithm, which extends feature-preserving color filtering from 2D images to irregular manifolds in 3D, and introduces abstract geometric details that are coherent with the color stylization. The proposed technique fits naturally in traditional pipelines for figurine reproduction, and we demonstrate the robustness and versatility of our approach by capturing several subjects with widely varying hair-styles.


We wish to thank Linjie Luo for sharing his dataset. Thanks to all our hair models, and to Maurizio Nitti and Alessia Marra for artistic help throughout the project. This publication has been partially funded by the European Commission, Seventh Framework Programme, through projects GOLEM (Marie Curie IAPP, grant: 251415) and VERVE (ICT, grant: 288914).


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